A Couple of Link Recommendations

I got an email the other day from Sabrina Doyle of FocusStars:

Hi Phil,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your site, some savvy teens and I are getting a lot of use from it! Our writer’s workshop here in Washington has been researching the industry side of writing since our girls are very serious about publishing one day- plus we could also always use more tips to improve our own writing. In our hunt for inspiration we stumbled onto your page here: https://sbwriters.org/links/ ..it’s been tough finding non-spammy sites so you have our thanks!

You gave us some great ideas to brainstorm. As a token of our thanks we wanted to share another page that one of our superstars Mia found- it’s a guide to the legal issues involved with writing and has some useful resources for those interested in publishing. We found the copyright and fair use information helpful since a lot of the girls are interested in sharing online. Maybe you might find it useful for your page? Let us know what you think

Legal resource for writers-

Hopefully you like it too! If you do decide to add it I’ll be sure to show Mia you liked her find. Another site we reference sometimes is http://www.writersdigest.com. I love sharing so if you have any needs or cool project ideas please feel free to pass them along. Thanks again and sorry for rambling, I’m excited about this connection! We’ll keep you posted on our progress :o)

Cheers and well wishes,


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