Read Local: Logo(s) & Stickers


Read Local needs a logo. We can use it when publicizing events. We can make stickers (digital and actual) to put on book covers for authors who want to identify as local. Some questions for discussion:

  1. Do we need one logo, or a separate, similar one for book stickers?
  2. Does an existing Read Local group have a logo we might want to use?
  3. Do we have graphic design talents within our group? Have you employed a great graphic designer?
  4. We want this logo to be top-notch. If we need to hire somebody, how do we raise the money (probably hundreds of dollars) to do so?

I have used fiverr for this kind of work before and been happy with the results. It looks like it's now $5 in the way that Motel 6 is now $69. There are designers starting at $1,000, but there are still people around the $50 mark. They are cheap because they are in SriLanka, Pakistan, etc.

There are a bunch of similar sites, e.g. logogenie is a DIY site for ? I think $25, see me fooling around. They're not great, but could be hacked on a bit.

I think it needs one person to place the order and work with the designer. Coming back to the group for feedback, then passing that back to the designer sounds like a bureaucratic mess. I suggest someone from the group with a design eye should do this. If we want choice in the process, they could get 2 or 3 cheap designers and then get a group vote on which to use.

As for payment, this and other tasks are going to need moderate amounts of money. I think we should pass the hat at meetings and suggest $10 or $20 thrown in. Needs a treasurer, which is no big deal. I think a bank or PayPal account is overkill at this stage.


Oops, I see I wasn't logged in. It was me (Phil Mayes) that posted about fiverr.


I'm not wild about passing the hat for stuff. I'd rather see us engage in some modest group fund raising.