Read Local: mission statement, brand, and elevator pitch


As Read Local moves out into the world, we'll need to know who we are and what we are about --- especially when we seek funding or other support (like free venues). We won't always say these things but they should infuse every Read Local choice we make... Let's make these as clear and compelling as we can!! (And easy to remember...)

Read Local mission statement

Why does Read Local exist? In my original proposal, I wrote:

To increase the visibility and value of local writers by sharing our art and entertainment within our communities.

Read Local Brand

Read Local exists to share its members' love of words and the art of writing. You can expect Read Local events to entertain and inspire you. Anyone who is a local writer is welcome to join Read Local. When you attend a Read Local event or read a member's writing, you support writing at the local level.

Elevator Pitch

You have 20 seconds/30 words to get somebody interested in Read Local. What do you say? Some combination of the above? Or... ?