Read Local: Structure and organization


To thrive as a group with a clear purpose and definition, Read Local needs some organizational structure and oversight:

  1. The small groups moving forward with individual projects need to know what other groups are doing.
    Why? to avoid duplicating effort, working at cross-purposes, missing opportunities, or confusing/annoying outsiders -- especially groups that might fund or otherwise support us).
  2. The projects need to stay aligned with Read Local's purpose, mission, and brand.
    Why? If Read Local sticks to its purpose/mission/brand, it develops a personality. People know what to expect and are more likely to give us some of their precious limited time (assuming they like what Read Local is about and have enjoyed previous Read Local encounters).

How do we create structure and oversight that is minimally invasive to us? How does this sound?:

  • A Read Local committee meets once a month at a standing time and place.
  • Each project has a liaison to the committee. Each liaison attends the monthly meeting (or finds an alternate), reports its group's activities and outstanding needs.
  • Committee does problem-solving and brainstorming as needed.
  • Sue is also on the committee, with a focus on keeping us aligned with Read Local mission/purpose/brand.
  • All other Read Local members are welcome but not required to attend.

What do you think? Replies please!