Useful blogs

To save you having to constantly visit these sites to check for new material, consider using an RSS reader. I use a Chrome plugin called RSS feed reader; here it is in use. Click on the image and you will see that there are 5 unread Slate articles, for instance. It’s also available for Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android.

Professional Help

  • Reedsy is an online marketplace for editing, design and marketing. I (Phil) HAVEN’T used them, but I’m impressed with how they vet their members. Here is an interview with the founder, and the Facebook reviews are good.
  • Book Marketing Services. At the 2/19/18 meeting, we threw out some names of book marketing people we liked:
    • Chandler Bolt
    • Nick Stephenson
    • Mark Dawson
    • Tim Grahl
    • Jesse Krieger