Local Publishing and Marketing

Steve Figler pointed to an interesting article about small publishers in L.A. and asked why we couldn’t do that here in Santa Barbara. Good question. There are a few small presses here, but they mainly specialize.

  • Bandanna Books is run by Birdie Newborn, who occasionally comes to SBWG meetings. She largely does reprints of older works for the educational field.
  • Bellerophon Books is also in the educational field.
  • Concord Grove Press appear to publish theosophical works, mostly reprints.
  • Allen A. Knoll are not accepting submissions.
  • Sea-Hill Press used to be in town, but have apparently since moved to Florida. I went to a great Adult-Ed class by the owner Greg Sharp when they were here.

There are various author events around town, both big and small.

There is a Santa Barbara Writing Group, a Santa Barbara Publishing and Marketing Group, and Betsy Green runs a separate marketing group at the library, next meeting Monday, April 30 at 2 p.m. on the second floor.

Shaun Sanders is starting a radio show through KCSB in the near future dedicated to indie authors and SoCal writers.


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