Notes for 1/15/18 Marketing Meeting

Aniaya took notes at the meeting — thanks! I took these from her google docs posting at, ask me for the password.

Discussed last weeks’ agenda

Bringing in guest speakers (Betsy)

What do you have trouble with and what have you learned? Easier to read dark print on a lighter background?

Theme each time?

Book, editor new book memories books

Bumper stickers and shirts for marketing your book

Sell your book to the local book stores since you visited those very places

Go look at Chaucers (they want 40%) people show up to buy and then he goes and says oh yeah i have the books here.

Createspace (formatting is tough on this one) KDP to publish books 9buyt for 4.50 a book then sell) quality problems: color tone, spine off center, trim will be ragged, irregular stripes, but they refunded and sent new ones with pics to prove it. Vellum? ($40 per book to format) Format your book correctly and make it fancy

Sell locally rather than nationally

70 percent difficult and everything else is oenting else.

Go door to door to sell books at possible places of interest,

Take bokma d pay me within 30 days or i get my books back.

Online you make more online than just locally in troe or do both.

Webinar next week with Betsy?

$600 for the layout no paying nay money is traditional publishing.

The authors gild?

When you do a book signing they usually charge 40% Find a venue now. Rent a bouse and

Do a weekly time for blogging and also create a mailing list so people sign up and maybe charge? They use mailchimp free for up to 2000. They have 20 amazon reviews, readit,

My notes – Don’t be boring in your design. Use amazing pics make sure each picture ties with each chapter blog about recent trends: ex/sexual harassments just because everyone has their own opinion does not mean you have to change it for them not evryone is going to like your book; deal with it.

Try la times or ny times to get to do a book review for your book. Maybe write their review for them so they do not have to read anything. Or q and a what it is about and why what would they like about it. Church groups for foster home orphan stuff. Rotary groups. Tvsb fee vieo

Use famous people to market your book. Maybe the and they will say to buy it…

Contact a flower delivery and say i’ll give you a discount and you can buy this ebook and five it along with their flowers. Book bouquets.


Ideas for branding:

What is branding?

What do people think about when they think about me or you?

Make sure your brand is consistent and controlled.

Have a brutal editor

You have brand tukes deoedning ob what you are writing about

Make sure your brand does not confine you.

Put it out to your readers, hey guys what do you think of this?


Fiction or non-fiction

The voice you use

The picture on the back of your book

What do you want the reader to see in that photo? Go to a specialist that will make you look that

Are you technical or keeping it simple


Some books always have their titles at the topic with same font and color and size and types,

Your bio and cover need to be great amd thank page and do they look for oics


Reviewers can be other authors

Agents are not impacted too much by reviews

Have a quote a good quote by a reviewer

Politics (write about it or not)

Pseudonyms are for writing different styles of books. Write a ic of your book instead of your pic

Your website should be your author name

Find a cool graphic designer or take a class to do it yourself

Create bookmarks to sell your book or offer a free book mark if you sell your book or even a custom-made book mark if they buy it.

The library takes donated bookmarks

Maybe list the names of your books on the bookmarks

Maybe more exposure with amazon

Wrote and write and write everyday

Audiobooks are a great idea. is a market between writers ad narrators; you can put your book up and you can hire someone to read it for a flat fee $200 per finished hour better people may be $400. Royalty is 40% Instead of a fee you can split the 40% with the narrator.

If an author has a good reader and then changes the readers get mad if you read good people will want the same readers

Topics ideas for next week:

Online exposure

Get a following

Be at the right place at the right time

We:10th book into women’s romance went huge

Bety Green’s meeting: 2pm thursday at the central library writers group. Professional who want to work with Indie authors

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